Helen McCabe - Counsellor / Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist

Clinical Supervision

At Dungarvan Therapy supervision is offered face to face or online. Through many years of working in client work, a therapist appreciates the need for support in the process. Along with this is the need for personal development amd the pull that is felt for more growth in the self. Through clinicial supervision all is explored safely.

Helen is a Fully Accredited Clinical Supervisor with the Irish Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (IACP) and Supervisors Association of Ireland (SAI). All practicing accredited therapists with IACP are required to be in regular supervision and adhere to their relevant code of practice.

Supervision is a formal arrangement whereby a practitioner discusses their work regularly with someone who is an experienced practitioner and supervisor. The task is to work together to ensure and develop the efficiency of the practitioner/client relationship. (Page & Wosket, 2001).

Supervision is for the protection and benefit of the client and the therapist. It allows the therapist an opportunity to review and self-evaluate their work with someone who has a wealth of experience in working with the many issues faced by professional therapists today and discuss any difficulties or challenges they are encountering.

Supervision is very much a collaborative way of working where a supervisee can bring their work, their skills and their confusion about their client work to be explored in a non judgemental way. Then with further exploration, discussion, reflection and dialogue with the supervisor, they can sometimes see another perspective, or a new insight.

Helen works on an integrative approach; however she has a preference for the Psychodynamic approach.

Supervision is seen by Hawkins & Shohet 2012 as having 3 distinct functions:

  • The developmental function - to understand the client better, become aware of their own reactions and responses and understand the dynamics in the interactions. Looking at how they intervene and the consequences of their interventions.
  • The resourcing function - to support supervisees who are engaged with client's very personal stresses and understand the emotions that they carry around this work and how they can care for themselves.
  • The qualitative function - even with the best of training as human beings we have blind spots and areas of vulnerability. Supervisors carry a certain responsibility for the quality of supervisees work. This falls within the area of ethical practice and is ultimately to protect client and therapist in a safe practice.

An initial introductory meeting can be arranged to allow for opportunity to decide if supervisor and supervisee make a suitable fit for good work to be done together.

Mobile: (087)9561589

Payment for sessions is made after the session, via online, cheque or cash. All sessions last 50 mins. Cancellations with less than a minimum of 3 working days incur full costs.


  • Counselling / Psychotherapy €80
  • Clinical Supervision €80
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy €160
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy for Smoking €300


Irish Association For Counselling & Psychotherapy
Irish Association For Counselling & Psychotherapy
British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy
British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy
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British Society Of Clinical Hypnosis
National Council For Hypnotherapy
National Council For Hypnotherapy
SAI - Supervisors Association of Ireland
Supervisors Association of Ireland
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